Bruce's Story

A young girl goes off to college and must surrender her year old Siberian. She contacts a local rescue who takes in this handsome boy. Bruce had been
 diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis at 12 weeks and he underwent corrective surgery.

S.H.E.L.L. discovered the original medical repair was done incorrectly. Bruce's airway was so small, he was constantly struggling for oxygen, which caused anxiety, which then made him breathe harder, and struggle more. Bruce's life consisted of being crated all day, going out to a small pen to potty, eating, with no play time, no running around with other dogs, and no walks. A laryngeal tie back was necessary for Bruce to live a normal life.

The Trust provided an Emergency Medical Grant to S.H.E.L.L. to help with the bills and as always suggested other funding sources.

Bruce can now breathe without anxiety. He has calmed down significantly. He is just beginning to run and play like a normal yearling Siberian.

We would like to thank Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line of Akron, OH for their life saving support of Bruce.



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