Maya's Story

Maya was 10 months old when she was hit by a car. Her owners knew that they could not pay the bill for care of her two broken legs and collapsed lung. They were willing to surrender her to a Rescue so that she could live, even if it is not with them.

The family contacted the Trust's Rescue Chairman who gave the family options and ideas of how to raise funds on their own and how to approach rescues to see if they could help with more local resources.  Since the family was actively working to raise funds themselves, and were working with Husky House, they qualified for a Humanitarian Fund Special Medical Grant.

We feel that our Humanitarian Fund is a win/win situation for rescues and owners in need. However, due to IRS requirements, the total yearly donations through this fund are limited to 15% of the Trust’s yearly assets.

Maya’s family raised the majority of funds themselves and along with our grant through Husky House and personal loans they were able to cover Maya’s vet bill.

Maya is now doing great. She is walking and eating well.

When we all work together, we can all accomplish a great deal. Thank you Husky House and all that have donated to the Trust so that we can help Siberians in need.



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