Rowdie's Story

The Trust learned about Rowdy through the Sibernet-L list. Shirley's Angels Boxer Rescue was asking for help. They are a Boxer rescue. However, even though Rowdy was a Siberian, they said that “no matter the breed, their hearts all beat the same.” So they came to his rescue.

SABR received the call late at night about a stray dog that was potentially shot. So of course, they had to help. He was rushed to the emergency vet and sure enough someone has shot him in the face and he still had 2 bullets in his neck. One lodged between the C1 and C2 vertebrae and one nestled right beside the C2. He also had a bone fragment in his right eyeball. The entrance wound was beside his eye, and had done damage to his sinuses before traveling around and lodging in his neck. SABR couldn’t handle this financial blow at the time but, as they said, “we couldn't sit back and do nothing for this dog.”

The Trust worked with SABR on fundraising strategies. SABR is a small rescue with limited resources, so we put Rowdy’s story on our FaceBook page and asked for donations for his care through our website PayPal link. The response was amazing. People throughout the world donated to help Rowdy. It was a very heart warming reaction to a terrible situation.

Rowdie is now doing very well. He did not lose his eye and the bullets in his neck are not causing any problems. And, most importantly, he is in his new forever home. 

At this year’s SHCA National Specialty, the Trust’s Rescue Chairman proudly walked around with Rowdie’s picture in the Parade of Rescued Siberians. Rowdie and his new family were unable to attend, but we wanted him represented as a thank you to all who followed his story.

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