Roxie's Story

Roxie was rescued from a SC kill shelter diagnosed with late stage glaucoma, a very painful condition. Palmetto Paws Rescue took her to an ophthalmology specialist. An Emergency Medical Grant from the Trust helped fund Roxie's mounting vet bills.

Since Roxie's retinas had already detached, there was no way to save Roxie's eyes. The necessary enucleation surgery hasn't seemed to have diminished Roxie's spirits though. She still likes to sit at the dining room table and had no problems getting in her new "dad's" car for the ride to her forever home.

As Roxie was recovering, it was discovered that she had Uveodermatologic syndrome, an autoimmune disease. The disease had attacked her eyes and without proper treatment, she eventually lost her sight. A family involved in helping children with autoimmune diseases adopted Roxie. Roxie fits perfectly into her new family and is a great therapy dog for the children they help.

Thank you to Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue in Mt. Pleasant, SC for pulling Roxie. The shelter assumed she was not adoptable and was schedule to be PTS. She now has a new life.



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